Natural areas conservation ensures the availability of biodiversity and ecosystem services for future generations. Conservation means protecting biodiversity as well as using it in a sustainable manner. This can only be achieved when all involved actors are willing to participate, especially the local population who play a vital role.

Within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Aichi Targets (Convention on Biological Diversity) CIMA developed a management strategy and various tools for the conservation of Cordillera Azul National Park, which is jointly managed by CIMA and the Peruvian government.

Conservation in Action

CIMA developed and/or implements participatory conservation tools, including:

Empowering local people to conserve protected areas (FOCAL)
A community-based planning model for integrated management of an area by local communities


Mapeo de Usos y Fortalezas (MUF)
Rules of Coexistence
Quality of Life Plans

Index of Conservation Compatibility (ICC)
A monitoring model applicable to natural areas management


REDD+ Project (REDD+ Project)
A project in Cordillera Azul National Park on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, meeting the standards of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development