Our research helps improve Cordillera Azul National Park management. Moreover, results can be shared between partners around the world. The more we know, the better we can conserve nature.

CIMA has promoted research on natural and socio-ecological systems in protected areas and has contributed to more than 120 research projects carried out by researchers from institutions such as Yale University, Stanford University, National Agrarian University La Molina, the National History Museum of the National University of San Marcos, among others.

Subjects of these research projects include:

  • Conservation strategies
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Environmental quality
  • Climate, vulnerability, risk management
  • Biodiversity inventories, new species to science
  • Social studies, Valuation of Biodiversity
  • REDD
  • Monitoring
  • Spatial planning

Click to read the Scientific Research Directory Cordillera Azul National Park 2002-2020 /files/images/publicaciones/Libro_investigaciones_PNCAZ_2002-2020.pdf